Monday, May 5, 2008

Weight Loss, Day -2

So...we had planned with the best of intentions to start our lifestyle change/diet today. We got up, we weighed, we recorded our horrifyingly high weights, and went to lunch at an Italian restaurant (on Cinco de Mayo...there's a reason; we aren't boycotting the Mexican restaurants...LOL...really!). Tomorrow night we are having dinner with BIL and his family. These first two days aren't really friendly to starting such a strict diet and exercise program. So today is day -2 (negative two).

After battling with a mindset today that I can't do two weeks without carbohydrates (including fruit and fruit juices), I have sat down and looked at what is allowed for the first two weeks. It's only two weeks, after all (as my wonderful husband keeps reminding me). It's only two's only two's only two weeks.

Okay, I think I've got a handle on the worst part being only for two weeks now.

So, I sat down and addressed a doable diet plan to survive the first two weeks. We know that there are lots of "diet evils" still in the house. Tomorrow, we will be going through the fridge, the cupboard, and anywhere else food may be hiding in the house. All those bad foods will be making their way out of the house (most of them aren't necessary really), and then we will head off to the grocery store to restock with the proper foods.

We are using the South Beach diet, and have purchased the NEW! South Beach Diet Supercharged book at Costco for only $14.99. When I lost weight a little over two years ago, I dropped almost $800 for a diet program. (I was successful and kept the weight off until I got pregnant!) The purchase of that book and the knowledge I have gained from the past--nutrition, anatomy and physiology classes and the previous weight loss program--have armed us with everything we need to be successful.

So, here it is...
Weight: 226

Goals for the week:
1. drink 8 glasses of water each day
2. eat only the prescribed foods (no carbs :( )
3. walk at least 45 minutes/day
4. spend 30 minutes on the elliptical 3x/wk there it is. As embarassing as it is for me to put it on paper (or on screen as it is in this case), I know that there is great accountability in putting it there where everyone can see it and I can't hide from it. I'll weigh in again next Monday!


Cheri said...

You've done it can do it again! :)

Christina said...

I have the South Beach diet book, now ask me if I used it?

Good Luck and your post has inspired me to think of getting back on the good eating track. Thanks.