Saturday, April 12, 2008

In Case We Forget to Tell You

Dear Baby EM,

Once you arrive, you are going to turn our world upside down. Your schedule will fully dictate our schedule, and your hunger will supersede our own. Mommy and Daddy will likely be grumpy and "slap happy" from time to time over the early weeks, and will forget simple things like putting the milk back in the fridge, closing the tube of toothpaste, and starting the washer once it's full.

It's not that we are really that lame-brained, but we are going to give you (and your brothers and sisters) everything we have. We're going to give up 99% of "me" for 110% of "baby".

We are so excited to get to see you face to face! Daddy can't wait to play with you, and I figure he's going to count your fingers and toes about 100 times before you're one week old. But that's okay. It's only because he loves you sooooo much. I know you hear him talking to you, urging you to make your way out of the womb and into our arms (much to mommy's chagrin...she's excited too...but she gets to do most of the work!).

Oh, and your siblings...they are very excited to see you too. I'm sure you're terrified of actually meeting Mr. J--he's the loud one who keeps pummeling you in your little bubble--but he's just excited to meet you! And Ms. B, well...she's excited to change your diapers and help Mommy out (at least she is right now LOL). And Mr. M is going to barrage you with origami and crochet chains. He will shower you with gifts. And Mr. B and Ms. S are excited too...we'll go to visit them soon so you can see them!

In case we forget to tell you, we are so blessed to have you join us!

The G Family

By the way, our precious new baby girl arrived very early this morning. She was a wonderful 8 lb., 3oz. and 21 inches long. Check back soon for pictures! (Mama)

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