Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a rainy day

Well, I don't have much to say today. I'm sad, and being postpartum is definitely NOT helping me out much. My hubby is back to work tonight after paternity leave. That makes me sad. He works the graveyard shift and this little break has been really nice because it allowed us all to live on the same schedule instead of sharing a schedule for three days and running opposite to each other for four days each week. Also, it has been nice because he has been so active in caring for baby EM. He has allowed me to sleep in several days and has taken the baby and gotten the three older kids ready and off to school for me. Tonight, however, I will be alone caring for baby all night, and will still have to get up to get the older kids out the door in the morning. (I'm sure I can do it, it just feels daunting right now--I'm tired and hormonal, sigh.)

And this spring has been no winner in my book weather-wise. After a near record-setting winter for snowfall, our winter has overrun spring and locals are beginning to call this season "sprinter". In fact, the day we brought baby home from the hospital (4/13), the temps reached almost 80F. Before a week had passed, we were again experiencing sleet, hail and even snow.

But today, to match my mood, it is raining. Just raining. And my hubby is sleeping, and so is baby. Maybe I should too?

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Cheri said...

AAwwwww girl, I will be praying for you. Us mothers know how you feel. If I was there I'd hang out with you so you wouldn't feel lonely and sad.

Just remember that God is as close as your breath!