Saturday, March 8, 2008

One of my new favorite blogs!

Angela stopped by from "Refresh My Soul" blog to comment on my post "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" and turned me onto another great blog. So, being obedient and quite curious, I clicked over to "Signs, Miracles, and Wonders". There I found this quite marvelous idea for blogging, something that I've actually been doing for a while here--using a song as motivation for writing.

You'll notice, I've added a button on the left to send YOU right on over to check out the new "Then Sings My Soul Saturdays" meme. It's still new, but I hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I am!

Thanks again, Angela! (Check out Angela's blog for a yummy recipe too!)


Storm said...

I love using songs as inspiration for ideas, thoughts, and, especially, scrapbooking pages.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hi there... nice to meet you... have a great day... party hearty... take care and don't be a stranger... from an Aussie in the US...