Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seeking quotes about beauty!

It's amazing to me just how God works! Five days ago, almost tongue in cheek, I wrote the blog "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" in attempt to share my struggle with accepting that I could be physically beautiful and to embrace the knowledge that I'm beautiful in ways that go much deeper. This has been a journey for me for a very long time, trying to shed the negativities of the world and see myself as a beautiful woman, a child of God.

But clearly, from friends and fellow bloggers, I'm finding that I'm not alone at all. Gorgeous (I mean, drop dead gorgeous!) women are telling me just how much they related to what I wrote. And I feel as though God is telling me loudly, clearly---this is what YOU are supposed to do. This is your goal. Seek me and I will make you beautiful. And then, you're supposed to go out and encourage, uplift and remind your sisters that they are beautiful too!

So now, I need your help! I'm begging you to help me find quotes and songs about beauty. There's no prize, unfortunately, as I'm still very new to the blogging thing...and the only book I have in large quantity at my house right now is more for single Christian women than married or moms.

Please, bless me with your beauty quotes!

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