Friday, March 21, 2008

We interrupt your Easter weekend...

So, here it is...Good Friday. For Christians, it is a sad and joyful day. Sad because we know that this is the day Jesus died a heinous death on a crude cross in our places, and joyful because His sacrifice meant we would never have to know the humiliation and pain of that type of death. His death brought us life. A GOOD thing.

But, if you live in the northern reaches, like I do....well, we interrupt your Easter weekend plans of egg hunts, lilies, and other spring flowers, pastel colored short-sleeved dresses and cute little boys in dress suits with shorts to bring you....


Oh, how I wish I were kidding! I was supposed to take a picture this morning to prove it to you, but I figured...why wouldn't you believe me??? At 10am, snow was falling hard and even the road, sidewalks, and grass were all white!

I am pleased to announce that it has since melted...but's Easter weekend! When is it going to stop snowing around here for the year???


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